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Our caring and compassionate approach to assisted living at home

Housing Options

Specialist providers of supported living accommodation

Wisdom Support Services, where necessary, work in partnership with specialist housing providers across the UK whose primary purpose is to source and provide high-quality domestic-style residential accommodation. Example of providers we work with include 

Zetetick Housing and our sister-company Anthill Housing Ltd. We additionally work with local council-registered independent landlords.


The key to our success is to work in partnership with our clients, their relatives and appropriate local authority representatives, who share our core values of social inclusion within the local community with focused activities that deliver positive outcomes.


Our accommodation varies from:

  • One / two bedroom flats

  • Large detached executive houses that are shared up to a maximum of four tenants

  • There are also instances where our clients reside alone in detached houses, based on the severity of their complex needs.


No two properties are the same as we exclusively seek to carry out individualistic environmental assessments for our clients. We then seek to match quality accommodation to these assessed needs and wishes.


Since the formation of our organisation, we have strived to see the lives of our service users change for the better, and significantly so. It brings us great pleasure to play our part in bringing independence and inclusion to people who have so much to gain from living within our communities.


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