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Specialist Care Team

Who we are

Expertise on hand when you need it, as you need it

The imaginative support provided by Wisdom Support Services is headed by a very experienced and inclusive Management Team.

The Team comprises of individuals that include an in-house:

  • Consultant Psychiatrist who is also a graduate of the National Autism Trainer Programme (NATP)

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Social Worker, Psychosocial and Family Liaison Practitioner

  • Community Psychiatric Nurses

  • A very dedicated and experienced Registered Manager

  • A long-serving and very experienced Director of Operations

  • A versatile and vastly experienced Quality Assurance Manager

  • Managers with several years of experience

  • Team Leaders with great organisational skills

  • Support Workers from very diverse backgrounds


Our employees are recruited based on the needs of individual clients. This enables Wisdom Support Services (WSS) to provide clients with their own core staff team with additional staff on standby.

Contact is initiated with a potential client by the completion of a functional and thorough assessment, which guides the set-up of a detailed and specific support plan. All support staff members are trained to implement such specific individual needs.

Staff Training

We have our own internal training officer who ensures that all statutory training is up to date and any specialist training is provided. All employees complete their statutory training as required by CQC (Care Quality Commission) in addition to vocational NVQ Qualifications and Specialist Training in any areas that are required to meet our client’s needs. This could include training in non-abusive psychological and physical intervention (NAPPI) that is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and Restraint Reduction Network (RRN). 


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