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Services we provide


Wisdom Support Services was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing specialist support for vulnerable adults with complex needs and challenging behaviour. We have a track record of successfully supporting such individuals after discharge from the hospital to live as independently as possible in community settings.

Our priority is to provide person-centred and client-led care. We are proud to be able to help people move from Assessment and Treatment centres, where their lives may have been extremely regimented, to living behind their own front door. 

With Wisdom Support Service there are lots of options. With our care and support, some people live alone, some share in small households while others continue to live with their families.  Whatever the requirements, it’s all about individual needs and what will work best. 

We are a domiciliary care provider registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and specialise in providing 24-hour support including live-in, waking night or sleep-in services to clients. 

We support clients’ right to develop a socially inclusive life based on maximizing their right of choice and access to services that promote well-being. 

The services we offer are inclusive by nature and can be gender and/or culturally specific where individuals need to find their own home then we work with our Housing Partners.

We additionally provide outreach services and cover the whole of the UK.


Wisdom Support Services also support those with physical health conditions like Epilepsy and those who require PEG feeding, as well as those transitioning from children’s services.

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